Hyundai Announces Plans for Autonomous Vehicle Fleet

Hyundai recently announced their plans to launch a fleet of autonomous vehicles in 2021. The South Korean automaker is partnering with Aurora, a self-driving car company, to develop the technology for the vehicles.

The fleet of autonomous vehicles is expected to be used for ride-hailing services, as well as for delivery services. Hyundai will be supplying the vehicles, while Aurora will be providing the necessary software and hardware for the autonomous driving system.

The fleet of autonomous vehicles will be based on the Hyundai NEXO, a hydrogen-powered fuel cell electric vehicle. Hyundai plans to equip the vehicles with the latest autonomous driving technologies, including sensors, cameras, and software.

The vehicles will be tested in various cities in the United States and other countries around the world. Hyundai believes that the autonomous vehicles will be able to provide a safer, more efficient and cost-effective transportation option.

Hyundai is also planning to expand its autonomous vehicle fleet with other vehicles, including electric and hybrid models. The automaker believes that this will help them to meet the growing demand for more sustainable transportation options.

The announcement of the autonomous vehicle fleet is part of Hyundai’s larger plan to become a leader in the autonomous vehicle market. The company is investing heavily in research and development and is working with various partners to develop the necessary technologies.

Hyundai’s autonomous vehicle fleet is expected to be a major step forward in the development of driverless cars. The company believes that their fleet will help to make autonomous vehicles more accessible and affordable for consumers.

Hyundai’s plans for an autonomous vehicle fleet are an exciting development in the world of self-driving cars. It will be interesting to see how the company’s plans progress in the coming years.

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